Challenge to zero distance

In associate with globalization of society,
the distance with the world has become very close comparing with the previous world.
We are aiming for the company which makes "ZERO" distance of the clients and the world.

  • Ad agency
  • Physical distribution service
  • Trading
  • WEB media management
Ad agency

Ad agency

We propose the media among a bunch of medias which effectively appeal to the target of the clients.

Physical distribution service

Physical distribution service

We propose the effective and safe transportation and logistics service in response to the clients.



We do complicated procedure on be half of the clients and also we suggest the overseas products that the clients would like to deal with.

WEB media management

WEB media management

We manage the web sites that is needed by wide range of groups like as common groups to core groups.
We pursuit know-how of SEO at all the time and make strong SEO medias in any ways.

Company Overview

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  • Headquarters

    150 Orchard Road #07-02 Orchard Plaza Singapore 238841

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  • Type of industry

    Marketing Consulting
    Business Consulting
    Web contents sales
    Wholesale trade

  • Phone Number

    +65 6738 5317

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